Sometimes we feel reticent talking much about money, and about giving to the church, and this is understandable given the way some religious – and even ‘Christian’ – groups exploit people in shocking ways. The New Testament, like the Old Testament, however, does give clear instruction: Christian giving is not to be left to chance, but is to be done in a properly organised way.

Paul gives considerable attention to the administration of money, devoting most of 2 Corinthians 8 – 9 to the subject (as well as instructions elsewhere). They highlight some key principles to think about corporately and individually.

Churches are instructed that giving is to be organised:

  • Properly (8:16-24)
  • Openly (8:21)
  • Wisely (8:22)
  • Strategically (8:18, 19, 23)

Individuals are likewise instructed to give:

  • Regularly (9:5)
  • Willingly (9:6-7)
  • Confidently (9:8-11)

Please do study these Scriptures

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